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Don’t click on that attachment!

Posted by Sean On October - 25 - 2009

There are a few exercises that everyone must perform when a new e-mail comes in. It doesn’t matter how deluged in spam you are, you still have to go through these steps with every single e-mail. You have to first decide if you know who sent you the e-mail. Then you have to decide if you trust it enough to look at the e-mail itself. From there you have to decide if that person really sent you that e-mail or if it is a fake and the true origins are hidden.

At any point along the way, you may just delete the message and move on to the next e-mail. But if you trusted everything so far, you may be tempted to open the attachment that came with the e-mail. But at this point, you must ask yourself more questions. First, were you expecting an attachment from this person? If you weren’t, reply back and ask for some kind of human verification that everything is ok. It takes a few seconds for both parties but can save hours of torment.

And it is because of that torment that you must also ask yourself “Is it worth it?” “Is seeing a funny video, looking at these pictures, or opening this document at this time worth the potential risk?” Most of the time, the answer is “No!”

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