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Alert: That E-Mail didn’t come from your server

Posted by Sean On October - 24 - 2009Comments Off

If you received a notice from “your administrator” or “your server” or “Microsoft” or any other generic source advising you that upgrades had been performed and you needed to click a link to continue: don’t click that link!

As a general rule, unless you are 100% certain that you trust who sent you the e-mail and you know the link that you are clicking, you should not click links in e-mails. It is just too easy to direct you to a malware infested site in one click and it is not worth the risk.

As for getting E-Mails about upgrades, etc. please note that any e-mail I would send out would be a personal E-Mail and would not be in such a format. Plus, I would never have you click on a link to take further action or anything silly like that.

Just delete e-mails like that and move on.