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How secure is OS X?

Posted by Sean On April - 29 - 2010Comments Off

Ron Grattopp has a great article discussing the recent patches from Apple in OS X. He touches on something that I think goes a long way in the preceived security of Apple: their secracy. It seems Apple keeps everything pretty close to their vest and this serves them in many arenas. I had customers that purchased iPhones the week before the new model came out because they had no clue a new iPhone was coming out the door. With these patches there is a preceived sense of security because the updates aren’t flowing every month.

With this article, you of course have to consider the source, but the facts stand on their own. OS X is still vulnverable to the latest Pwn2Own exploit. Although there doesn’t appear to be a consorted effort to exploit this vulnerability, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening on a smaller scale.

In the end, I still feel OS X is more than secure enough to use just as I feel that Vista and 7 are as well. (Windows XP is not secure enough to use on a daily basis!) Both OSX and Vista/7 are much better about having everything run in a user environment where you are prompted for elevated permissions. This helps take the human element somewhat out of the equation.

It doesn’t matter what OS you run. You still have to use best practices. This means not opening up attachments unless you know the sender and you expected that specific attachment. This means not clicking yes / ok / sure / whatever to every prompt that comes your way. Finally this means making sure your computer is udpated and that the updates don’t install extra crud like toolbars.