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New: Windows 7

Posted by Sean On October - 24 - 2009

I’m sure you have heard by now that Windows 7 is out and about. Thankfully Microsoft has learned since the days of Windows XP and released Windows 7 to a fairly wide group of advanced customers months ago. I have been using Windows 7 for well over a year now and the final version since my birthday back in August.

To put it simply, Windows 7 is fantastic. There are so many features that make every day computing easier. There are also numerous behind the scenes changes that you may never notice, but you are grateful those changes have been made.

I am suggesting, advising, and pushing everyone to Windows 7 as soon as possible. Staying on Windows XP and Vista when there is something this improved available is just silly. The only thing holding me back are various 3rd party application providers. Despite Windows 7 having nearly the same requirements as Vista and the incredibly long development lead time for Windows 7, some major companies with major programs were still not ready for the Windows 7 launch.

I am keeping a close eye on all of the software that my current customers use as well as bugging anyone that will listen to get their programs up to Windows 7 snuff.

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